We are proud for our tours with electric bikes
in Santorini

We believe the sightseeing tour in
Santorini that we offer is unique ! Historic,
trivial, playful, we have so many “secret” places to
share with you during your visit.

Our e-bike tours guarantee

At EcoBike we believe cycling is a powerful tool to change people’s lives.

We seek the best natural cycle paths which are carefully selected, a combination of standard tours with the main and traditional
tourist attractions.

We deliver the highest quality in everything that we do. It is the result of deep knowledge of the territory and passion for the region, its history and tradition.

Our cycling tours are completely flexible, scheduled for all year round. We’re always on the road seeking the next hidden gem, undiscovered paths or epic gravel road. We care for all who love to cycle and offer tours for cyclists of all abilities .

Join our community, experience the world and savour the ride!
All you Need to do, is show up !

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