Skill and Fitness levels
Please take a moment to go over your personal skills and fitness levels,
so you can confidently choose one of our tours.

You like riding MTB/ebike the most and have a full-suspension bike,
with hydraulic disk brakes and at least 5-6” of travel; in perfect shape.

You can manage technical terrain, like rocky steeps, roots, rock gardens,
and terrain features such as old stone steps and natural humps.
You’re not afraid to get out of your cultural comfort zone and experience
something different, like visiting local artisan shops or restaurants were
local/ traditional  dishes and beverages are served.
You like to support local businesses and communities
when traveling.

Ride Responsibly
-I have an experience of riding a bicycle.
-I am in a good physical shape and not suffering from any medical condition or disability and relieve ECO BIKE from any demand.
-I have a full responsibility in case of an injury.
-I will take care of the equipment and the environment.