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Cycling with a Baby

Transporting your children by bike can be hugely practical, not to mention heaps of fun for all involved. It can tick many boxes for a busy parent: getting your little cherubs out in the fresh air, seeing their faces light up and hearing their squeals of delight as they discover the joys of travelling by bike and (with the rose-tinted glasses removed) getting them from home to nursery and back without any bawling, dawdling or buggy battles.

Here in Eco Bike we offer the opportunity to enjoy our tours with your baby! Our Baby seats are very safe, and of course you can do a test drive to make sure everything is ok. Safety is our No 1 priority! We have created routes that are both safe and with a stunning view.

Keep in mind though that Cycling with a baby is a very personal thing. Choosing when and how is really up to you!

Source: https://totalwomenscycling.com

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